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About DG Services

Dg Services, owned by Denis Gerard Ryan, a qualified accountant with over 30 years’ experience recently opened offices at 6 Pepper Lane in Portlaoise. DG Services teaches business how to work smarter with their costs in order to bring in greater profit. DG Services has already saved thousands of euros for clients here in Ireland. There are two sides to DG Services, money savings on utilities dealing primarily with ESB, gas, oil bills, merchant card charges and phone/broadband bills.


The second side of what DG Services offers is mentoring support which incorporates a full examination of systems in place to review if present practices are the most cost effective, efficient and up to date packages for YOUR BUSINESS. Businesses need to be ready for rising costs such as VAT as a result of Brexit and prepare to move suppliers. Businesses need to look at alternative energy sources. DG Services recommends the most cost-effective merchant card provider for your business resulting in instant savings.

Among the utility savings DG carry out a full suite review on management reporting systems, staff overheads, print management, finance products as well as IT hardware, software and maintenance. Staff roles, mentoring and the present business structure is also part of the DG Services review for your business.

For more information on how your business can save, work smarter, prepare for effects of Brexit costs and get a comprehensive review on overheads, structures, practices and operations please call Denis Gerard Ryan on (083) 8562906.

DG Services
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